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Optionomics Corp. has for 20 years provided innovative professional software
for the financial trading industry. Optionomics Systems are designed by traders for the real world of trading. Risk managers and traders around the world rely on our software for user-friendly and concise option analysis and portfolio management.

Orion is a premium risk management and option analysis suite comprised of many tools for a wide range of trading needs. Orion is offered in 3 levels: 1) SCOTS, 2) Strategist and 3) OptioNet. Our Consulting services are available to customers of all sizes and all levels of sophistication. We offer packages for the FCM to distribute client position information securely over the Internet, global risk management systems, floor trader systems, and institutional systems. Every product is supported with the highest level of personal service and product integrity.

op·tion·om·ics n. the art, science and method of evaluating and analyzing options to
create and implement option strategies
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