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About Optionomics Corp.

Optionomics Corp. was founded in 1987 by Scott d. Gordon. Over the last fifteen years, Optionomics has applied practical trading know-how with innovative programming to offer professional risk management and option analysis tools for the trading industry.

Mr. Gordon started trading options in 1967 as a stockbroker for a NYSE firm. In the early 1970’s, he started trading options in the London commodities markets where he arbitraged and created many different types of options which were unique and new for hedging and laying off risk.

He served on the London Commodities Exchange (LCE) option sub-committee and was instrumental in organizing the first traded option (for the Sugar Exchange where he was the primary market maker) to help get the market on its feet. Mr. Gordon was also a consultant to the International Commodities Clearing House (ICCH) and helped organize and set up the method used on the London exchanges for the margining of options.

In 1979, he formed DESI, a software company, to address the needs of the London brokerage companies' back office accounting needs. The product developed was Cadre and this is still used by European investment banks and financial clearing firms of the various European exchanges.

Since the introduction of the PC in the early 1980’s, Mr. Gordon has created option analysis tools which he initially used for his own personal trading needs. In 1987, he was persuaded to enter the service side of the industry and created Optionomics Corp. His insight into trading and back-office accounting systems, along with his expertise in options analysis and risk management, directs the dynamic course of Optionomics. With a handpicked staff of expert programmers and talented traders, new standards have been achieved in the investment software industry by Optionomics Corp.

Today the company is located in the Wasatch Mountains of Salt Lake City where it continues to develop the best software tools for the financial community. Presently, planning and development is underway for the future while the company supports and strengthens its services today.

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op·tion·om·ics n. the art, science and method of evaluating and analyzing
options to create and implement option strategies
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